The Company, the webstore of company MKS Autobusiness Oy, offers only high-quality products with reasonable prices.

We specialize in components of fuel injection and ignition systems. We offer also “traditional” spare parts for the whole car.

We import the major part of our products but we use also Finnish product distributors. Injector adapters and MKS pressure sensors are of our own production. MKS pressure sensors can be used for many different applications; automotive, industrial, machinery etc. 2,5 – 4 bar MAP sensors are very useful with turbo systems. 6 bar and 10 bar pressure sensors can be used for measuring fuel and oil pressure etc. Our hose connectors and hoses are very high OEM quality from Germany.

Our clientele consists of private persons and all sizes of companies around the world. We are a supplier for product development departments of many companies. Our two-decade experience with Bosch products makes them a natural choice for our main product line.

We can supply even big quantities of connectors, pins and wire seals. Our direct contacts with manufacturers in Central Europe and Asia guarantee competitive prices.

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BMW piezo-suutin wiki

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